Everyone was so friendly and I actually got to talk to Dr. Curtis for most of the time, he never tried to rush me out!


Absolutely love the staff and doctors at Grand Peaks! Had a wonderful experience having our first baby with them and we are sad that we need to find a new doctor when we move.


Great place and great nurses and great doctors. I will always go here.


My wife and I have gone here for years now. We didn't have insurance for a awhile and they were life savers. They offer a discount based off of income and also can help make payment plans if you need to. They have an Xray machine and a lab right there to run any blood tests and stuff. We have been to the dentist too and for a cleaning with the Xrays and stuff it was only $60. The people are really friendly and helpful. The new Rexburg office is also super close to campus which is nice. I have seen the Chiropractor too and he has helped a lot with an ankle injury I have from Rugby. We ere a little skeptical at first cause we thought income based clinic than it wouldn't be very nice, but its really nice inside and they have new equipment.


The staff is amazing and actually care about all their patients. Would strongly recommend this to anyone!


I went for the first time today, and it was a wonderful experience (and this coming from someone who hates going to the dentist, ever). The office was very busy, which I could tell was stressful to the staff, but I was still given as much personal attention as I needed. At every step of my visit, from the waiting room to the chair and back, the entire staff made sure to answer my questions about billing and services.The sliding scale for income-based billing is a life-saver, and a huge convenience for those going that route. Highly recommend!


Very fast, the wait time is the shortest for any dentist's office I've ever seen. They do a great job!


So this place is great. Having the dental connected is very convenient. The doctor I met with was very good at his job and the front desk ladies are very sweet and funny. Also they call the doctor mcdreamy because he's like a Grey's anatomy attractive level doctor just saying


Dr. Jardine at the Rexburg office is amazing. He is gentle yet quick and very caring. His staff are extremely friendly and caring as well. I wouldn't recommend any other dentist.


Absolutely the best dental service I have experienced. The staff is extremely sincere and compassionate. They sure make you feel comfortable. Love them, great dentist and wonderful staff. I highly recommend this dentist to anyone you will have an amazing experience !!!


My first time here! My experience here was excellent. I actually walked in and was assisted and treated really well. The vibe was good in this place and I was seen by Dr. Bryant who was knowledgeable and made my experience comfy. As well as the medical assistant Hasini she was very kind, helpful and it shows these people enjoy what they do and working here! I just wanna say thank you to the staff here! I'm really grateful!!!! And I recommend to anyone and everyone!!!!


Dr. Jacob Curtis is PHENOMENAL. I have seen five doctors about my conditions, and he is the FIRST doctor to show respect and empathy AND he actually knew about them and how to treat them. I have vaginismus as well as PCOS, both underemphasized (and sometimes misunderstood) conditions in gynecology, but he was informed about both. Absolutely blown away! That is NOT standard! The care and empathy he showed about our missed miscarriage was so touching. He printed out the ultrasound pic of our little bean who passed at 5 weeks, which the place we went to two weeks ago neglected to do. I think they thought 5 weeks wasn't worth the picture; he did it without thinking. I felt like he understood how much this baby mattered, and that's all I can ask for. I didn't feel doubted or belittled. Dr. Curtis treats patients with respect and takes concerns seriously. This is a doctor who actually wants to help you.


I take my family to Grand Peaks for everything! Their staff is always super friendly and helpful! I like that we are able to get a lot of medical help in office without leaving such as: x rays, sutures, prescriptions, warts removed, and so on. We always ask for Bryant Hansen, but everyone is great! Bryant was even able to get a tiny piece of rock that was embedded in my sons eye out. I was so glad we didn't have to pay a hefty ER bill. Grand Peaks is it for us! We love it!


This is an amazing facility! I had an IUD insertion from Dr. Curtis and it was fantastic. Well, as fantastic as the procedure can be. He goes to great lengths to ensure that the procedure is painless and that the patients are well informed of the procedure. Clean, safe, and uses best practice. Highly recommend!


Just got my broken tooth fixed today. Hands down the best experience I have ever had at a dentist. Dr. Jardine was so gentle with giving me a shot, that I did not feel a pinch or any pain at all! I will recommend everyone to go to them.


My husband and I have been beyond satisfied with the prenatal care we received while seeing doctor Jacob Curtis of Grand Peaks Medical, as well as with the delivery of our child. He is everything you would want in a obstetrician/family doctor from treating you respectfully to providing comprehensive and individualized care. As well as extremely knowledgeable, detail oriented, and compassionate. Jacob Curtis is a very professional doctor, he attended to all my concerns and he always took his time to explain thoroughly each step we were taking, being highly attentive to the millions of questions asked by a first-time nervous mother. I never felt rushed at my appointments and he took the time to build a meaningful relationship with both my husband and I. We could go on and on about how wonderful he is at his job. I am not planning on changing doctors anytime soon as we have decided on continuing to see him as our pediatrician and family doctor. If you are reading this wondering if you should make an appointment, stop hesitating. We are extremely lucky to have such a highly trained provider in our area and you will not be in better hands! For more information I recommend reading his bio.


After some struggles with a different OBGYN office in town I decided to go to Grand Peaks and I am SO glad I did. I love the staff - so friendly and they actually really seem to care. Dr. Curtis was phenomenal and made every effort to make me feel comfortable during a very uncomfortable procedure. Thank you so much!


We found this place when we were having financial difficulties and needed medical care. They have been the most reasonable, efficient, friendly, and all around perfect medical facility I've ever been to. If I open my own business and become a millionaire, I'm still bringing my family here. Dr. Curtis is the first doctor to actually listen to me, and the ladies at the front desk are by far the nicest people I've ever met, and the nurses are great, they actually remember us when we come in; to me, that shows they care about my family. As long as I live here, I will never go anywhere else.


I switched over from another office after having issues with billing and very long wait times. All the staff at Grand Peaks have been great throughout my pregnancy and postpartum appointments. They are always prompt but I've never felt rushed.


My wife and I have had an amazing experience with Grand Peaks. We were nervous about her pregnancy, being that she is a type 1 diabetic which can make things a little bit complicated. We had some scary moments along the way but were reassured and taken care of. Each time something came up, they found time for us to come in just to make sure everything was okay. The birth of our daughter went perfectly and we couldn't be more happy with what Dr. Curtis and Grand Peaks did for us.I was fortunate to do my internship here a little later on and was even more impressed. Everything was geared towards taking care of the patient; Bryant and Dr. Curtis always take their time with patients to answer any questions and make sure that the patients are better than they came in. The nurses and medical assistants also care a great deal for each of the patients, knowing many of them by name and being invested in their lives. Two thumbs up and 5 stars for Grand Peaks!


I just saw Dr. Curtis for the first time for my prenatal care. I was very impressed with him and his staff! He was very thorough during my visit. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. I'm excited to have him as my OBGYN along with his amazing staff. Highly recommend!


Dr. Curtis is an AMAZING OBGYN. He has made my entire experience wonderful. He is very personable, knowledgeable, and truly cares about his patients. If you are looking for an OB I would recommend him hands down.


Staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Facilities are well-equipped and well-kept. Had a wonderful experience!


Excellent place with great service and all one would ever need when they go to the dentist. Staff is friendly, entertainment is available. Wait line is about 2 weeks, so manageable. Building is brand new, and kid friendly.


This is a great medical clinic to go to for students because of it's location and price. It's a well organized and clean facility and has a welcoming nature. The employees are very friendly too!


Dr. Curtis is a great doctor. He took the time to listen to my concern and map out an effective remedy. I highly recommend him.


The staff is friendly. Great brand new facility. They offer chiropractic as well. It is really your one stop shop. Chant Williams chiropractor is amazing!


The staff at grand peaks in Rexburg and st Anthony are phenomenal! Everyone is very polite and understanding. It wonderfully to see a doctor who actually listens to my concerns and treats me like a whole person and not just a set of symptoms. My whole family goes here and we love it. We also get out chiropractic treatment here as well and dr Williams does great! I highly recommend this facility if you are looking for chiropractic, a family physician, or OB care. You won't find a better place!


Great facilities. Great staff. I would highly recommend them for all you medical needs.


Great office! Great doctors! Great nurses! Marvelous front desk staff! I highly recommend them.


Excellent staff they make you feel like family and excellent Dr's who truly care about their patients. I highly recommend Grand Peaks Medical


Dr. Curtis delivered my daughter in Dec. throughout my pregnancy he always listened to all my questions and concerns. He's very caring and always made sure I never had any concerns and if I did he would always reassure them! Definitely recommend him for prenatal care and delivery! He's awesome!


Thanks for being a part of our community!


This doctors office is amazing. I was originally referred to this office to work with Doctor Curtis for infertility and after a little over a year he delivered my baby. Everyone in the office always knew my name and treated me so well. Doctor Curtis is the best doctor I have ever met with because he always makes sure to listen to his clients and doesn’t rush when he is with you. I would refer anyone to this doctors office.


I have been going to Grand Peaks for a little over two years now. I have never had any bad experience here! We LOVE the staff, from the doctors and nurses to the front office staff, everyone really does an incredible job of making it a great experience every time! You can truly feel that everyone really does care about you, and your family.


This place is awesome, The staff and doctors are very kind, smart and, funny. I have NEVER had a falce diagnosis, or problem. Five stars is a low rating for this office.


Grand Peaks is by far the best! Dr. Curtis delivered two of my babies and now sees all three of my kids and he's absolutely amazing! The front desk, nurses and Drs. are all so kind caring. We would definitely recommend him and all of the Grand Peaks staff to anyone.


My wife sees whitney and absolutely loves her! She is kind, compassionate and actually listens and cares. I'm 100% impressed.


I LOVE doctor Curtis and his nurses! They are SO welcoming and are the best with prenatal and babies!


We originally came here because I had no insurance, but even when we got insurance, we didn't want to leave. We travel from Idaho Falls which tells you how much we love the care and service we've received from Dr. Curtis and his staff. Dr. Curtis listened to every concern and never made my husband and I feel "stupid" or pressured us to do something different. From pregnancy to birth we felt comfortable and happy! Grand Peaks Medical truly feels like a family that you become a part of the moment you walk in. The nurses and reception staff feel more like friends and they love to be apart of the journey with you through your pregnancy and especially love to see your end result!! Despite the inconvenience, we don't want to part from here because of how great they all are.


Throughout my pregnancy I went to at least 3 different offices and Grand Peaks is BY FAR my favorite. The staff is amazing and each member from the front office to the nurses to the doctors are so kind. Dr. Curtis saw me for my whole pregnancy and sees both my sons now as well and I would recommend him and his staff to anyone I know.


Dr. Curtis is wonderful. He saw me before pregnancy, and during pregnancy. He also was my son's pediatrician. He truly cares. He remembers who you are, and what your story is. He is extremely understanding and is willing to listen. He takes the patient's opinion and concerns into consideration. We have had a wonderful experience with him.


Dr. Hansen found out my potassium was way to low. Death low. My blood sugar was way to high. Death high. With the 2 combined I was about to go. He called the hospital. I was put into intensive care for 2 days. Till stable. Then private room. He had me come in every week to check to make sure everything was still ok. First Doctor to care. He is amazing. Kind funny. And the staff and nurses you have the best. Won't go anywhere else. My granddaughter now goes. Great family care. Love it and them.


Great staff. Seen them a dozen times and the PA's are very knowledgeable. Highly recommend


We have gone to Grand Peaks for several years. It is such a blessing! We do not have insurance, so the income based discount has saved us so many times. Yesterday, I had an appointment for medication. When I walked out the door with 5 prescriptions (they have a pharmacy) and an office call I paid $68. The regular price would have been $475.We have seen all the doctors and they are all good. I have been at other offices where the doctor will be in and out in 5 minutes. The doctors here, take the time to listen. There has been several instances where the doctor has been with us for over 30 minutes. My daughter is 17, and hates going to the doctor. I have gone in with her, and they have been so kind. Even trying to make her laugh. My family suffers from depression and bi-polar issues. We have also gone and continue to go to the Grand Peaks Wellness Center in St. Anthony for counseling. I recommend this place to anyone that needs counseling. They also consult with the doctors to help you get on the proper medication. My son, who is 23 has suffered with being bi-polar since he was diagnosed at 14. He was in a complete manic state 6 months ago. They were able to get him (finally) on the right medication. We have gone to multiple doctors and specialists in the past, with no success. He says that he will never get off of it. Things are so different now. Again, they are so understanding about being uninsured and cost. They made sure that the medication he was prescribed would be under $10 a month.


Absolutely LOVE the medical staff. I have been seeing Dr. Curtis for a few years including during a pregnancy and he's been amazing. Very compassionate, always listens to my fears and comments, and puts my mind at ease. The nurses are so sweet and helpful. They understand everyone's different and they're willing to chance normal routines to make you feel more comfortable.


i just love the staff very friendly and Dr. Jacob his the best always smiling and the best attitude specially with kids


Great overall and wonderful staff. Dr. Klingler & Jardine are awesome! I appreciate the kind of business they are and the exceptional service they provide. Definitely recommend this place!


Switching doctors at 31 weeks of pregnancy with my second child was a scary thing for me to do, but I was not happy with the care I was receiving elsewhere. I had gone to my previous OB doctor and told him that I was experiencing severe hip pain that so bad it would bring me down to the ground. He said, "Well, all I can say is say a lot of prayers and wait 9 weeks." That was the last straw, so I started asking around. I had heard great things about Dr. Curtis so decided to switch to him. I cannot say enough good things about him. On my first visit to see him he spent a good amount of time getting to know me and my situation. I told him about my hip pain and he had my husband come over to the table where I was and taught my husband how to help me do certain stretches that should help with my hips. I was so impressed and grateful for a doctor who seemed to actually care. He is by far the best doctor I have ever had in my life! He is extremely personable and thorough. He goes above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable with everything that is going on. He always makes sure to answer any questions that you have. He is extremely knowledgeable and seems up-to-date with the latest medical information. The difference between my first delivery with a different doctor and my second delivery with Dr. Curtis was night and day and I really do contribute a lot of that to the peace that I felt just from having him as my doctor. To top it all off he is a family doctor so he was also able to see me, my husband, and handle my children's pediatric care!