Additional Services

Medication Assistance

Coordinating with specialized medication programs.

The cost of prescription medications can be staggering. Grand Peaks staff provide medication assistance for our patients in finding ways to help afford their prescriptions. Our staff has access to a number of resources which can help with co-pay amounts or even receiving the medication with little to no cost from the manufacturer.

Care Coordination

Grand Peaks is dedicated to networking with other providers for the best outcomes for our patients.  If you are referred to an outside provider, our care coordinators will aide you in this referral process to ensure that our providers have the information they need to give you comprehensive care.  They also offer counseling in diabetes, exercise, nutrition, and other life skills to walk with you on your journey toward better health. 

a doctor talking to a girl and her mother - rexburg wellness center

Insurance Enrollment Options and Assistance.

Navigating health insurance can be overwhelming, but our Certified Enrollment Counselor is here to help! This service has been coordinated with the Your Health Idaho Insurance Exchange and is FREE. Our Certified Enrollment Counselor can answer questions about insurance coverage or assist you in getting enrolled into the health insurance exchange. To get more information please fill out the form below.

Health Insurance Coverage


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