Medical Services

Patient Centered Medical Care

Grand Peaks Medical provides affordable, high quality medical care for the entire family. Our Healthcare Providers and staff are highly trained and experienced in all areas of primary medicine. Together our team is committed to establishing a personal relationship with each patient in a welcoming, attentive and compassionate manner.

We offer top-notch services and support for our patients:

  • Flexibility to be seen in either our St. Anthony or Rexburg locations.
  • An Electronic Medical Record system which allows our staff to coordinate your care at either location.
  • Bilingual, Spanish speaking, staff who are ready to provide our patients with the care they deserve.
  • Extended hours to accommodate almost any schedule. You may schedule an appointment ahead of time, or even the same day! Our schedule also allows Walk-in appointments for those times when you realize you need to be seen or in the case of an immediate or urgent care need.

Grand Peaks prides itself in being able to provide Family Medicine. Family Medicine is defined as a specialty in the practice of medicine which is comprehensive; it includes all ages, genders, the full body and basic treatment of every disease entity. Our view of Family Medicine is that we provide a Patient Centered Medical Home for the patient, and create long lasting and caring relationships with patients as well as their families from birth to end of life.

We love children of all ages. Our medical team is happy to see patients that range in age from newborn babies and toddlers up through the teenage years to the age of 18. Whether your child has an illness or even an injury we are happy to see and treat them. Grand Peaks also looks forward to seeing our Pediatric patients annually! Annual care of children helps to identify issues that may become a problem in the future; prevention and early detection is important when dealing with your health. Many insurance companies will pay this visit in full! We offer:

  • Annual Well Child Checkups
  • Sport or Scout Physicals
  • Immunizations

Women’s health can include a variety of services. Our medical team works hard to ensure every woman who visits our clinic is well taken care of! Our Providers are able to provide:

  • Wellness Exams with or without Pap Smears
  • Family Planning and Birth Control: Our Providers are able to prescribe, birth control products in the form of pills, rings or other products like IUD devices (Mirena or Paraguard), as well as products such as Nexplanon implants. Providing the latest birth control options to our patient is important to us!
  • Obstetric & Prenatal Care: Dr. Curtis has advanced training in Obstetrics and loves to care for both mothers and their babies. Our OB patients receive attentive prenatal care to help ensure they and their baby are healthy throughout the pregnancy and thru delivery. Dr. Curtis delivers our OB patient’s babies and also is able to care for your infant from the time of delivery.
    • Our OB /Prenatal Care appointment schedule is a basic outline of your appointments throughout your pregnancy. Of course this depends on the patient and the infant they are carrying and may be changed slightly. (Attach schedule here)
    • Other Gynecological procedures: Our Providers are able to carry out a variety of Gynecological procedures. Dr. Curtis is also able to complete some other procedures such as colposcopy or LEEP (loop electrosurgical excision procedure).
    • Fertility advice and consultation: Our Providers are able to provide advice in many fertility situations. Dr. Curtis also has extensive training and experience with women’s reproductive system and has completed many fertility procedures. We are here to help you with your family planning.
Whether it’s time to have an annual exam or you need a formal exam with required paperwork, our Providers are happy to help.

  • Examples of physical exams that Grand Peaks staff are able to complete include: Mission, Head Start, Sports and Scout Physicals.
  • DOT (Department of Transportation) Physicals performed by one of our Certified DOT Medical Examiners.
Chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Asthma, Arthritis, Hypertension (high Blood Pressure), as well as many other conditions which take ongoing care and treatment. No two conditions or patients are exactly the same. Our team works hard to provide care, resources and education about your condition. Ongoing and consistent care is important to maintaining your lifestyle and quality of life.

Our team of Medical Assistants, Nurses, Physician Assistants and Care Coordinator all work together to ensure that our patients receive the services they need. When we cannot provide the care you need in-house, you will be referred to other specialists, facilities, hospitals or resources. We want to ensure that you receive the care you need, however we stay in contact with those that you were referred to. This ensures that our Providers are aware of the care and progress you have outside of our facility.

Our Care Coordinator assists patients with referrals, scheduling at specialists offices, connecting to community resources, as well as providing additional support and education to patients with a chronic illness. This service is offered at no charge.

  • During our office hours, Grand Peaks is happy to see you for your immediate or urgent healthcare needs. We are able to treat all sorts of injuries from broken fingers to sprained ankles, lacerations, bruises and more. Either location is able to run many labs, take x-rays, as well as stitch up a more severe wound.
  • *Please note, an Immediate or Urgent care is not appropriate for all medical issues. If you have severe wounds and bleeding, chest pain, trouble breathing or loss of consciousness, call 911 or get to an Emergency Room.
Our Providers have experience treating a number of behavioral health and mental health conditions. Examples of conditions include depression, anxiety, OCD, and ADHD. Our Medical Team will also work to refer you to appropriate services that could help your overall mental wellness. We encourage everyone to reach out for help when dealing with a mental illness.

Additional Services

Our in-house Lab and X-ray equipment provides many results at the same time as your appointment. Labs can be drawn and an x-ray can be taken during your visit; many times the Provider can discuss the results of those diagnostic tests in one appointment. This can save not only time, but money on additional visits. While our Providers may advise patients to follow-up with them, these visits can be reduced by having diagnostic labs and images done during the appointment.

With our In-house Pharmacy, you may be able to fill some common prescriptions before you leave the clinic. Our 340(b) Pharmacy is a discount pharmacy program, and is available to our patients (other than those insured by Medicaid). Patients must establish care with one of our Providers AND have a medication that our Provider prescribes. Not all medications are available, however those that are may be offered with tremendous discount, versus the traditional pharmacy. There may be a short wait for our staff to fill your medication, however the convenience is well worth the wait. *All refills must be requested at least 24 hour in advance to one of our locations.

The cost of prescription medications can be staggering. Grand Peaks staff provide assistance for our patients in finding ways to help afford their prescriptions. Our staff has access to a number of resources which can help with co-pay amounts or even receiving the medication with little to no cost from the manufacturer.

Navigating health insurance can be overwhelming. Our Certified Enrollment Counselors are available to help! This free service has been coordinated with the Your Health Idaho Insurance Exchange and is a free service for anyone who has questions about insurance or health insurance exchange. We are here to help!


A. Since Grand Peaks is a non-profit Community Health Center, we receive some funding to help support our services and allows us to offer discounts. All patients wishing to receive a discount must complete our Sliding Scale application and provide proof of household income. Whether the patient is insured or not, the patient balance can be discounted. The amount of discount depends on the sliding scale applied to the account after application is considered.
A. Yes! We will bill all insurance companies, however not discount programs. It is up to the patient to determine if Grand Peaks or Upper Valley Health Services are an in-network provider, however. For more information, please contact our Billing team.
A. Yes! Grand Peaks welcomes patients with either Medicare or Medicaid. *Note: If your child has a Medicaid Healthy Connections provider other than Grand Peaks, you may need a referral, or you can change your Healthy Connection provider at the time of your appointment.
A. We are able to do all types of wellness exams and physicals. We routinely complete the physical exam and paperwork for DOT, MISSION, BOY SCOUT and SPORTS physicals. Pricing varies on most physicals, however BOY SCOUT and SPORTS physical are FREE.
A. Yes! Dr. Jacob Curtis provides the majority of prenatal or OB care at Grand Peaks, however our Physician Assistants are able to care for our OB patients if Dr. Curtis happens to be out of the office.
A. In all cases, if you feel your life is in danger, please seek care at an Emergency Room or call 911. If a patient presents themselves at our clinic, we evaluate them to see if the injury or illness is significant enough to receive care at an Emergency Room. If not, we are able to treat sprains, strains, bruises, lacerations (even if they require stitches), and more. Many times, the cost savings over an Emergency Room are significant.
A. Yes! Both of our medical facilities have X-ray and Laboratory equipment which allow many Labs to be performed and results to be given to you before you leave the facility. Some Labs are sent to an outside Laboratory, however. A member of our Nursing/Medical Assistant staff or Provider will let you know if this is the case.

A. Yes! Our Pharmacy is part of the 340(b) program. These limited medications are available to our patients at significant discount versus the traditional pharmacies. However, since this is not a traditional pharmacy, not all medications are available, there are limited hours, we do not bill insurance, and all refills require a 24 hour notice.

A. In most cases, we ask that you pay for your visit or copay at the time of visit. A copay is an amount set by your insurance company and your policy. Many visits do receive discounts based on the sliding scale (based on income and household size). In certain situations payment arrangements can be made. All prescriptions must be paid for at time of pick-up.